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Hi, my name is Russell Handy, welcome to my magazine. The purpose of my magazine is to inspire people to start and learn how to run their own successful website business.  Read interviews of successful Internet Entrepreneurs.

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There has been so much talk about how disappointing the Facebook IPO has been and how the stock price has not really gone up in price (which is a true fact).  I know Facebook's company valuation has disappointed Wall Street.  There is one amazing fact that Wall Street investors and everyone else has not mentioned about Facebook.  The Internet took 30 years to reach 750 million usersFacebook only took 8 years to reach 900 million users !!!!
I state this amazing fact that Wall Street has to be patient because Facebook's stock price will eventually increase in price.  I'm not a Wall Street analyst but there is no way that Facebook's stock price will be at $32.00 next year at this time.

An amazing fact about Facebook and how we have to learn that patience is a virtue !!!
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