Ryan Lee of ryanlee.com is a self made internet millionaire.  Ryan is a master on how to create your passion on the internet.  Ryan is a master on how to create a continuity paid membership website. 
Jeremy Schoemaker is a self made internet millionaire.  Joel is the founder of shoemoney.com.  Joel in my opinion is a marketing genius and his website brilliantly displays his shoemoney brand.  Click on the shoemoney logo above and you will see the shoemoney.com website.  

Check out these great websites - These Internet Entrepreneurs have built from scratch some very successful online businesses. All you have to do is click on the picture and you will be taken to the website.  I hope these websites can help you build your online business.
Michael Dunlop is the first person that inspired me to build my online business and he has helped me with my business.  Michael has 2 very successful websites incomediary.com and retireat21.com.  I highly recommend checking out Michael's very informative website with great tips on how to blog, brand and build your website business.  Michael has some of the best interviews of successful internet entrepreneurs on the internet.
Yaro Starak is the Founder of entrepreneurs-journey.com. Yaro is a very smart and creative internet entrepreneur who makes over $500k a year online with no full-time staff, Yaro only uses contract workers and himself to run his successful business.  Yaro has also sold websites and made a nice profit in return.  Yaro is someone that you can learn how to be successful online.

Hello everyone,

TinyLetter.com is a great website that anyone can create a newsletter for free and send it to everyone that you have on your e-mail list.  If you have a website and you want to create a free newsletter or a paid subscription newsletter then you can easily do it in 5 minutes !!

I think this a great website for newsletters and to get started just go to TinyLetter.com and sign up for free  !!

5 basic steps to creating your own newsletter

1.) Sign up at TinyLetter.com and create a username and password

2.) Think of a topic that you would like to discuss and then begin writing your newsletter.

3.) You can choose the option to send out your newsletter free or as a paid subscription newsletter.

4. ) If you choose a paid subscription newsletter than you can choose the options to be paid thru PayPal.com or you can have TinyLetter.com send you a check in the mail for free !!!

5.) Repeat steps 1 thru 4 - I've heard from Internet Entrepreneurs that are having great success with their paid newsletter subscriptions say that you shouldn't charge more than $1.00 to $5.00 for your newsletters.

I hope you find this website to be a great tool for newsletters !!

I wish you the best in your business and God Bless !!

Russell Handy Jr.
CEO & Publisher of NextStopIncome.com Magazine - The Magazine for Internet Entrepreneurs